"Plan 1 billion" of husband and wife making eating cum her husband's parents house dumbfounded conditions

Before the urge to retire by his parents, but finally decided to marry. In fact, she wanted the freedom to add 1-2 more years, by Lam man not making her really hungry to want to marry. She retrieved he was also without taking even.

Velvet and Lin know each other through Matchmaking. She found herself still young, new age 25, but her parents don't think so. Lin family conditions, however inferior to her house, well, dashing looks, work fine, seems very interested in her. There are great reasons to repudiate, Velvet officers nodded AV Korea back with Lam. Everything is peaceful, almost 1 in 2 side parents then hasten to urge the Organization of weddings. Big girl wouldn't want her husband to marry her into her old age in which saw her parents day and night worries right snore!

The honeymoon ended satisfactorily, and Velvet back to daily life. LAM suggested the wife plans to hurry yet born son, born again about two years later yet. But the nod, but not comfortable Velvet inside. First, she's not too young, was 26 years old. Second, her condition and forest at this absolutely can foster a child. Forestry must want to have time to watch. Wouldn't have to things too confusing, you respect your thoughts.

On the other end said something, Lin sighed: "I thought I didn't want to end up really fast to get rid of her? I want more than my parents! Youngest Uncle married then mother to couple it temporarily with his parents away, when the University reports, the married will go in with her parents, her attention off late "yet also own.

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Her mother Lin also continue to say again, he gradually lost patience: "Parents have high opinion, tips for me, his mother has to bargain is 1 billion, 1 billion rather than to 10 million half year that new parents have xịch up the swamp fever prompted? Right from the start I said did not want to marry her, my wife can't be bad, but my mother just like her condition good. The parents accepted that, because when you get from her mother to 1 billion children complete freedom to decide his story. The latest plan is for two years, his mother calm awaiting the good news of your son! ".

Forestry has a long while hanging up but not perfect Velvet soul after what she heard. In addition, Gerald Lam sitting quietly. Then the Governor and hear the footsteps he stood up, but rush to send him a message: "I welcome the company To right, children and sick". The message Bell in Lam's phone rang. 5 seconds later, he sharply: "you catch with the procession, just good at making other people uncomfortable!". But he's still holding car keys quick step out.


Married living son and so passed, veering between what has been half a year. That day, she found the company stunned them then ask off work early. Back to the condo, but feel to the bedroom then taking drugs.

"The planned 1 billion" of the husband and the wife makes her husband's parents home condition dead silent-picture 1.
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Don't know how long has passed, but suddenly awakened by loud unlocking cạch Creek, the Forest, and then throw phịch Briefcase down on the sofa. Knowing her husband was on Velvet song, still lying back, silently told myself later wake up also. And after this she must admit, decided not to wake up right at the Forestry welcome is how accurate!

"Before my mom call you're on company should not want to talk much. Well, now you go home, what's the saying goes ... His wife, not about, today the home early that ..., "his voice resound beyond the Forest room, seems you are on the phone with her husband's mother. Sure, because I don't think anyone in the House should the volume emitted huge makes listen portrayed.

Don't know what mother-in-law wire on the other side, the side of forest suddenly looking slightly his voice: "that I said many times with his parents, then, may not be in a hurry. I think other people to put money out very simple why, mom put her on her position, although the husband but the currency associated gut song, furthermore have to go ask her parents again, should have equitable reasons storage new , mother understand? ".


At this time the new Velvet, the stunned feedback was off, but the spirit she now still worse. Her nervous bag, run down tenement, the reasons Liao stepped out the Cafe outside the alley, sat buried themselves into a corner, at the same time power off the phone. Right now, she wanted to sit alone. She needs time to "Digest" the so-called "bargain" between 1 billion and forestry and parents, as well as easy to face the Forest when night met at home.

It's good that he's not "digging" be any from you, it's good that she casually eavesdropping was the truth of the incident. A simple divorce to end this marriage is not just another thought in the same despicable man he more a day is unbearable!

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