Destroy the shape error circle

The chest is important and sensitive organ of the woman but many people often forget or don't care the right way.

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Wearing a bra is not the correct size. Did you know that only 25% of women are wearing the right size bra? Wearing a bra too narrow or too broad are doing affect aesthetic. Wearing too large AV Video will cause deformed breasts or sagging because of unsupported lift properly, but if worn too tight will cause you discomfort and reduces blood pressure.

Tattoos on chest very dangerous due to the risk of inflammation. A causes are the lymph nodes located very close to the chest, chest tattoos can serious effect to health.

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Shave in the nipple. This is a sensitive area so if shaved in the region could cause skin irritation, inflammation and infection. If you want to remove the feathers in this region, you should use a gentle and safe way.

Exercise does not wear a bra. Treadmill weight loss exercise or high intensity without sports bra can lead to deformation of the chest, chest run will drop quickly. This is one of the most common errors that affect the shape of the chest.

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Prone sleep. Prone to influence the shape of breasts from time to time. In the case of prone, you need to put a blanket or a pillow below his chest.

At least change the BRA. After several dry, elasticity of bras tend to be eased. This can lead to back pain, chest and neck.

Don't take off your bra while sleeping. Wear a bra while sleeping can decrease blood flow, lymph congestion, offensive, even leading to edema in the chest.

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Do not use the cream. Chest skin very sensitive, so need to be moisturizing and avoid the Sun. The chest is not moisturizing will affect the aesthetic and breast shape.

Cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery can cause very serious consequences. There are many cases which cause complications on mortality table for surgery or other cases then melted silicon implant substances in the chest after a period of use.

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