Cacoethes Jav Video is 27 million people a day a year to "buy" cancer

When we stopped, not too late

Healthbridge Canada experts have pointed out that tobacco contains more than 1000 chemical substances, there are some cancers hardcore Porn such as nicotine, tar, ammonia, benzene, some of the compounds, we found that stimulating growth in pesticide, in clean water, water to clean the floor.

When a cigarette is ignited, chemical substances produced by more than 7000, of which at least 69 chemical to confirm the cause of cancer and many other super toxic chemicals.

In particular, these chemicals are toxic chemicals in the aceton nail polish, ammonia, is a kind of clean floors and toilet / bathtub, dieldrin is the material of DDT pesticide poisons, is a arsenic, such as methanol or formaldehyde anticorrosion material, will die......

In this physical body will influence the neural, vascular and endocrine, cardiovascular disease, dementia and cancer.

According to the doctor in violation of the rules of the market - Center donated Hakubaicho hospital respiratory research believes that the United States has only about 87% in 177 cases of lung cancer in the United States, 1996 is the smoke, the rest is for other reasons, such as environmental pollution, disease, and occupation, geographic and genetic factors.

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In the world, 90% of 660 cases of lung cancer is smoking every year.

Cancer are related to cigarette tobacco from active or passive. However, it is difficult to manage the drug and location based, the backbone of the addiction is clean, but it is difficult to. At the same time, smokers who do not think they are ill, so they will not see the smoke is dangerous.

In tobacco by the burden of funding anti tobacco activities are deployed more time to reduce the smoking population, such as strengthening the supervision and inspection of the implementation of administrative punishment, in violation of rules and supervision, prevention of drug effects of L.Ti P continue to promote the execution of the work rules banning smoking in public places, improve community awareness of the effect of tobacco and the provisions of the anti smoking laws.

To reduce the number of smokers in our country.

Influence in Vietnam network in tobacco 18 province 62 City, industry, social organization of political leaders to establish anti l Effects of these drugs.T, I, are the main body of the cadres to participate in the work of the anti tobacco distribution effects of technology media influence provinces, tobacco prevention program, technology, and the deployment of the monitoring program anti tobacco. However, there is no sense to give up tobacco.

Although these models of workplace smoking, schools, medical facilities, city tourism, hotel, restaurant, in fact there are many places to carry out the deployment of smoke did not realize the impact of anti smoking.

According to a survey of global tobacco use in adults compared to GATS - 2015 by the Department of statistics and WHO in 2010 and 2015, the smoking rate in males has dropped about 2% in Vietnam, but we are still very high smoking rate in male adult male smoking accounted for 45,3%.

Vietnam is a country of the 15 highest smoking rates in the world. Each year there are about 40000 deaths in Vietnam and the use of tobacco.

In 2015 31, the state spent $one billion cigarettes. Such a calculation, everyone in Vietnam for $27 million a year of cigarette smoking.

According to the WHO's cause of death, disease, infection, cause currently accounts for less than 73% of the total death change of disease and injury in Vietnam, where tobacco use is a major cause of the infectious disease.

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