Going to buy a skirt with her husband: Vietnamese milf creampie girl criticized, and the West girl was asked: "Do you like it?"

Many people appreciate the attitude and attitude of the wife for the wife but not too harshly with the untrained behavior of her husband, after all, can Jav Sex not judge a man only through Times go choose the dress!

Go shopping with your boyfriend or husband, a pretty interesting idea, full of love but not real at all not the girls?


Many girls complained that, when leading his "person" into the clothes shop also fall into the scene, people love to choose items, people sit a corner glued to the phone, playing games tired tired To the world Knowing this, it is better jav full to go alone or with a close friend than to be bored. At the same time, when married, then do not dream that she led husband to go shopping. For men, shopping with women is the most time consuming and tiring task in the world.

The scene took place in a fashion shop in Hai Phong. But that is only half of the truth!

Tue Nhi, shopkeeper born in 1990, has narrated the whole story that she witnessed. A Vietnamese couple came to her shop to shop but left empty because her husband refused to cheat when she tried the dress. While it was also a dress that was transferred to a foreigner couple, the Westman looked at his wife's skirt and asked, "Do you like it?" . The wife answered yes and her husband smiled and nodded his head.


The story about the jav incest difference in behavior and cheat wife of the husband that Fear told us immediately caused fever. Her status attracted 57,000 likes and over 25,000 shares when reshuffled on several online forums, less than a day postponed.

Two women go to buy skirts with her husband, only one person is spoiled!

Tue Children said: "There are two couples entered the shop I. A pair of Vietnamese people also sometimes the other is a foreigner. And incidentally stars two women prefer red dress this. She was wife of Vietnam into the room to try Before he left her husband waiting for a game on the phone, and after five minutes she came out to stand in front of the mirror, her husband did not notice until she came in front of her husband lightly hit his hand. and asked: "Was not he?" .

In response to that question is the scolding down, even ridiculed his husband.

"The wife's face is happy to hear the change, but always try to solve the problem:" You are very dark, you can use white cream for a moment to get married. "

He is still busy playing games just raised his head and glanced quickly through the dress and continued: "At home I have some red and then buy what to do!" .

At this point, I am not sad advice any more because it is certainly after listening to the words from her husband it is hard to dare any woman dare show. The dress was transferred to a foreign girl.

I was going to the locker room to help her pull the lock but his husband signaled to let him do it himself. And naturally he came into the locker room himself, tuning his wife's skirt while one hand was still holding on to the dresses he chose.

She looked at the mirror and I only listened to the wife asked: "Looking ok?". He said, "Do you like it?" The wife answered yes and her husband smiled nodding ok buy.

He went on to help his wife change the dress and try another 1.2. I noticed he was always concentrating on picking out his wife as if picking for him. Ask your wife to fit, not hot and do not need staff to continue. H in self-aligning and self-map always advise each other.


As for the Vietnamese couple, while waiting for the room, the wife considers herself alone. Initially, the husband said that the selection should be considered. Wait for a while the husband looked at his watch and urged his wife quickly to watch the match in time. The wife seems lost inspiration to say to leave tomorrow to go with her sister for easy to choose.

They left me still hear the words of his husband: "It takes time, marry you to marry me where every wedding dress again.

Back to the foreign couple, you see that his wife is dark skin while his husband several times white. Look outside she is tall, especially the shoulder, the dress must wear to new L just s. According to the aesthetics of the Vietnamese, she actually wears a dress that is not good enough. But they still buy because I like, not care about how others look at me.

I saw the girl wearing a skirt was not nice but his husband found it simple because it was his wife. I saw two men at the Tube Sex same time, but only one woman was interested in pampering. I'm wondering why in the same situation the two men behaved so contrary to his wife? "

Shopping with men: Poor guys, I'm not comfortable

Tue Nhi felt surprised when the story seen, his ear after sharing has received so much attention of the Internet.

9X said: "I share so that people see a normal story in everyday life but it brings a lot of meaning. The same situation, but why Vietnamese men do not drop the phone, not help his wife It's a good reminder to the husbands that most men will find it uncomfortable to read this story. "

Tue Nhi has no family but she said her boyfriend is very interested in her girlfriend's preferences, choose and make comments when she wants to buy something.

This shows that not all Vietnamese men are indifferent to the feelings, feelings, interests of girlfriend or wife. The husband in the story can not represent the majority of Vietnamese husbands out there so there should be no psychological equation and discrimination between men and Vietnamese men.

Below this story is a lot of multi-dimensional comments from netizens. Phuong Anh believes that the heartless husband as in the story is only a small number. She said : "Actually, only a small number of Vietnamese men like this, because of the way women behave men make habits. The men here have not seen such people, but maybe this is just a small number. "

"Not all other foreigners are Vietnamese, because each one is different." Vietnamese men also have many such warmhearted men.Many Western men are also notorious men.Everyone will meet different men different men. But of course, it must be recognized that Western men, if they love, are very affectionate, because they know how to express their emotions naturally, while Vietnamese people are quite generous in many places. This article is a true story, but raised the level of men in the West compared to Vietnamese men .

Meanwhile, many sisters said that "self-sufficiency is happiness". Huai Thuong commented: "So buy with your money, do not have to beg, independent business women, like to go shopping, go by yourself, followed the men to spend trouble. Confidence is not contrary to customary customs is okay.

Hong Yen asserted that she was shopping with women more than simply because she wanted to enjoy the feeling of freedom, wanting to go as long as she wanted and want to buy anything ... without the fear of spending time with her husband or boyfriend. . Who does not have his own job, why do they keep embarrassing with him?

"Personally, when I want to go shopping, I like going alone or going out with my girlfriends, because we choose women for long time, enjoy shopping and go with men, I would like to go alone, like to go, how long to go, go shopping with men go to wait for me also impatient to choose nothing.

I have a husband like the Vietnamese sister, then I know you want to go alone for both of the boredom. But if the Vietnamese husband is not happy when his wife wants to go shopping, say before not go, but also should try to wait patiently and mind a little , " she said.

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