Bau Duc vs Hoang Anh Tuan: Do not amateur sex let the kids smile

Right after the U20 Vietnam to leave the U20 World Cup, the German vote to defame coach Hoang Anh Tuan. Mr. Tuan "children" of course do not sit and do not stand and "comedy" began.

Since social networking and digital media have become the driving force of public opinion, creating controversy in the community, it is sometimes accepted that things are like a market.
A vice president of incest Porn the sidewalk cobblestones has been quarreling throughout the forums. One of the winners of the international football game Jav Teacher in country of origin also created the "keyboard battle". In the chaos, the U20 and Hoang Anh Tuan defeat in the U20 World Cup finals become "bait" to public opinion "drinking" is too normal.
We can not stop the flow of the crowd, because the crowd is anonymous. When people dismiss their identities in the name of the majority, that is when one may argue without reason.
For many of us, the argument is that the majority, the reason is whoever is stronger than he who holds the truth. Of course, compliments or criticisms are personal rights of each person, but in fact, many people have abused it excessively.
But when those who have the title, have the status of their own name, not in the name of the crowds, but take advantage of the crowd's support, to give up praise - inappropriately Whatever the reason, we need to think again.

The German election for Hoang Anh Tuan is a typical example. It is true that as a Vietnamese football lover, especially young football (let's say that), when seeing U20 Vietnam do not score any goals in two matches that they should have the table. Win, even three points (against New Zealand and Honduras), the regret can cause us to complain.
Doan Nguyen Duc's criticism, therefore, is normal. It's no different than watching a United game or Arsenal kicking, and we're defying their players too badly to miss an opportunity. It is easy to be heard and easy to accept by the listener.
But U20 Vietnam is different. It's a team that everyone watches over time. And so, the German Mr. Hoang Anh Tuan, which is idol of many people, will inevitably create a noisy wind waves through the keyboard typing fingers.
And Hoang Anh Tuan jav meguri also responded, in an interview, in the People's Police newspaper. Hoang Anh Tuan said:
"At the VFF now, a vice president in charge of media is not allowed to say, a Vice President in charge of the company, for years it was almost impossible to find a contract - so sit there for nothing. " And it's not hard for us to understand who the target is.


In fact, as the first coach to take the U20 Vietnam won tickets to the finals of the World Cup, when receiving the comments in the manner of "do not do anything", Hoang Anh Tuan absolutely right Multiples and reactions.
Hoang Anh Tuan is also human, but human beings must have feelings. We do not have the right to prohibit or criticize a person's feelings when they find that their actions are not recorded by the person directly responsible, but instead are merely words of vulnerability.
The picture chain, arguing it would be difficult to end if one does not know to shrink. It's a blessing. Already a blessing, people are always willing to pay for it, despite the fact that they never pay for it by the act of pulling behavior into an endless chain.
Between the Germans and Hoang Anh Tuan, just one incident will come up as an excuse, and they will surely plunge into the debate, the criticism that was just abandoned, delayed rather than chemical. Complete award
After the U20 return home, I had the first opportunity to talk on the phone, via video phone with Quang Hai. I regret to Hai because the beautiful finish in the battle of Honduras is not enough black table. Hai said, very apple:
Master Chien told me, the premonition of the day has a desk, finishing off his cheek outside, slightly missing his cheek outside, or eat the table then. That joke, with his youthful smile made me believe Hai is very natural, although on the court, many people say that Hai is "kind".

Players such as Hai, who have just undergone a major tournament, are eligible to attend the training provided they have the best facilities possible to say are "the best" in their players' lives so far. . When will they ever get another chance? Difficult to say. And is there ever a next-generation of children undergoing such impressive impressions? It's hard to say.

After U20 what is? After the U20 is the time to answer the difficult questions above. How can Vietnamese teams be trained under professional conditions like the U20 already in Germany but right at home?
That is one of the things to do, not a dissecting a "regret" and argue like coper.
The players only believe in the football officials, the only coach. They believe that these people will take care of them, so they can be better, stronger, completely reassured when they are in jersey pants.
But if those officials, instead of working, just say and say, arguing and arguing, surely, the players will lose faith. But when the players still lose faith in the football background hope the fans will believe?

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