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"Plan 1 billion" of husband and wife making eating cum her husband's parents house dumbfounded conditions

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Before the urge to retire by his parents, but finally decided to marry. In fact, she wanted the freedom to add 1-2 more years, by Lam man not making her really hungry to want to marry. She retrieved he was also without taking even.

Velvet and Lin know each other through Matchmaking. She found herself still young, new age 25, but her parents don't think so. Lin family conditions, however inferior to her house, well, dashing looks, work fine, seems very interested in her. There are great reasons to repudiate, Velvet officers nodded AV Korea back with Lam. Everything is peaceful, almost 1 in 2 side parents then hasten to urge the Organization of weddings. Big girl wouldn't want her husband to marry her into her old age in which saw her parents day and night worries right snore!

The honeymoon ended satisfactorily, and Velvet back to daily life. LAM suggested the wife plans to hurry yet born son, born again about two years later yet. But the nod, but not comfortable Velvet inside. Fi…

These need to dancing bear fuck be admitted, it really is heaven

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1. Agree, feel the truth

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Many women only agreed to do, because do not want to reject your proposal, he is angry or afraid of losing face. But you see, when you do not desire, don't you feel well? You have to pretend to "climax"? You don't want this. Don't worry about rejection embarrassing, because said "another way", also has 1 million. Honestly, gently told him sympathy.


2. Lubricant
For some reason, "the first obstacle" drought state is the sisters of the people, not just the physical pain and mental torture for a woman, because if they don't love, go on "drought". The difficulties are must admit, sometimes to rely on the use of lubricants. Lubricants actually prove not what evil or incompetent you're here, security as you use condoms, let the happiness of lubrication will help you become light Ng. Maybe, this is a new seasoning not much. Try!
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3. This is …

Safety protection amateur porn tube measures if the "hurdles" in on "red lights"

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The couple I married not long married but soon after 2 weeks my husband had to transfer the work of hundreds of kilometers away from me. Therefore, both, husband new about visiting his wife once, maybe, 2 -3 new on for a few days. The husband and wife, when you go very positive "ban" because both also expect soon to have babies for fun. But sometimes, you're on the right track on "red lights".

We are still "the relationship" on the last day of the term "red-light" even though I'm also a bit worried. The doctor Jav Mature asked me, how can the safe in the days of "red lights"? Thank you doctor! (B.)


You B. dear Method!

is essential between the couple, the couple endured away from each other as husband and wife. Many women in the concept on "red lights" will be very "dirty". This true?

Safety protection measures if the "hurdles" in on "red lights" 1

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Fact, sexual relations in …

Destroy the shape error circle

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The chest is important and sensitive organ of the woman but many people often forget or don't care the right way.

breast care, the care of round

Wearing a bra is not the correct size. Did you know that only 25% of women are wearing the right size bra? Wearing a bra too narrow or too broad are doing affect aesthetic. Wearing too large AV Video will cause deformed breasts or sagging because of unsupported lift properly, but if worn too tight will cause you discomfort and reduces blood pressure.

Tattoos on chest very dangerous due to the risk of inflammation. A causes are the lymph nodes located very close to the chest, chest tattoos can serious effect to health.

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Shave in the nipple. This is a sensitive area so if shaved in the region could cause skin irritation, inflammation and infection. If you want to remove the feathers in this region, you should use a gentle and safe way.

Exercise does not wear a bra. Treadmill weight loss exercise or high intensity witho…

The heart mommy porn and family happiness

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Love fiery beginning, but gradually over the years, Nh. tired, sometimes pounding heart, shortness of breath Porn BBW when doing strenuous or walking up stairs. 

Nh. born and raised in a family of state employees. Kids seem to face sober, slim, cheerful cute. I did not know he had heart disease ever since!

I love Kh. since I was a high school student, he learned on a class children. And they became husband and wife after graduating from college. Love fiery beginning, but gradually over the years, Nh. tired, sometimes pounding heart, shortness of breath when doing strenuous or walking up stairs. Both men secretly feel his happiness seemed to be monsters somehow compromised, attempting to interfere! However, they did not dare tell her the truth to each other, afraid of hurting each other ... 

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Then, on a warm early spring day, a young couple joyfully before the good news: Nh. going to be a mother!

Date as passed, Nh. even feel heavier. Soon after, the boy began to know thrashe…

The food and the free porn clips therapeutic effect of 8 Room mosquito bites

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A few days ago to go for a picnic or go to more mosquitoes, let us begin to eat garlic. Garlic every day to eat one Maria Ozawa or two branches. When the sweat smells of garlic, it will get rid of a lot of insects. Perhaps this is why the rejection of legend of the demons of garlic.
If you feel the skin burns, if exposure or itching insects make you angry, please try to use the "milk Lake" relief part. The two part mixed milk and water, a variety of trace enzyme two particles of salt deposited in the burn wound or will help neutralize insect venom and relieve the pain in the milk sunburn. salt

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In order to reduce mosquito d n itching or burning, and then soaked in brine, and then coated with a layer of pig fat or vegetable oil. Olive oil
Not what love watching the birds fly through the garden in the bubble in the bathtub. Unfortunately, these places are like water, is an ideal mosquito down a few tablespoons of vegetable oil, the surface will let mos…

Cacoethes Jav Video is 27 million people a day a year to "buy" cancer

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When we stopped, not too late

Healthbridge Canada experts have pointed out that tobacco contains more than 1000 chemical substances, there are some cancers hardcore Porn such as nicotine, tar, ammonia, benzene, some of the compounds, we found that stimulating growth in pesticide, in clean water, water to clean the floor.

When a cigarette is ignited, chemical substances produced by more than 7000, of which at least 69 chemical to confirm the cause of cancer and many other super toxic chemicals.

In particular, these chemicals are toxic chemicals in the aceton nail polish, ammonia, is a kind of clean floors and toilet / bathtub, dieldrin is the material of DDT pesticide poisons, is a arsenic, such as methanol or formaldehyde anticorrosion material, will die......

In this physical body will influence the neural, vascular and endocrine, cardiovascular disease, dementia and cancer.

According to the doctor in violation of the rules of the market - Center donated Hakubaicho hospital respirato…